Welcome to Onley Equine Vets. Due to increasing demand the Towcester Veterinary Centre Group have opened a new clinic at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Rugby. In line with the expansion of this leading equestrian complex, clients in the north of the practice can now benefit from a local veterinary centre with three day boxes, spacious  examination room, indoor school and outdoor trot-up and lungeing areas.

The facility is also available for the treatment of horses competing at the complex and the purchase of non prescription drugs and disposables such as bandages, wound creams and feed supplements.

Cases which require extensive investigation or surgery will be referred to the Plum Park Clinic near Towcester. Transport of patients between the two sites can be arranged internally if required.

As a practice we believe every horse, pony and donkey deserves the highest standard of veterinary care, irrespective of age or breed, while every owner deserves exceptional customer service from a friendly, professional team.

We strive to maintain this ethos through the provision of well equipped facilities and a comprehensive range of services, as detailed below. If you would like further information please ring the clinic to chat to one of the team or visit our Towcester vets website www.towcester-vets.co.uk.

Our well established Free Zone Visit system allows you to arrange all routine veterinary work, such as vaccinations and health checks without paying a visit charge. Mobile diagnostic van visits have been launched to extend this service allowing radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy and gastroscopy to be performed at your yard at a subsidised visit charge.

Dentistry is an important aspect of health care and forms a significant part of our routine work. Recent investment in sophisticated equipment, including an oroscope to allow detailed examination of the oral cavity, has allowed advanced procedures to be undertaken. The introduction of our Dental Clinics allows discounted prices for routine rasping and wolf tooth extraction where six or more horses are treated on one yard.

We aim to keep you updated on topical equine issues through our quarterly newsletter and regular posts on our Facebook page (Onley Equine Vets and Towcester Veterinary Centre Equine Clinic). We also post regular case studies on YouTube. Informal client talks are held at the two equine clinics at Plum Park Farm and Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex. We host a larger gathering with a guest speaker annually at Towcester Racecourse.

If you have not yet been to our premises and would like a tour please feel free to make an appointment with Reception.

Andy Hayes and Mike Sheldon BVM&S MRCVS Equine Partners

Now the temperatures have dropped make sure you stay up to date with your horse's worming schedule. If you have any questions about your own horse, please contact our reception on 01327 811007. pic.twitter.com/jqqJTrJppU

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Towcester Equine Vets

I can not thank Towcester enough for the brilliant service and care for Ome, with out them he may not be here today


We are able to provide a huge range of services to our clients making use of the facilities and expertise of the team at both our Onley and Towcester sites.

Free Zone Visits

These are suitable for vaccinations, dentals, initial consultations and routine reexaminations. There is no visit charge for these appointments. Look at the zone map to see which day of the week we visit your area for free.We ask that bookings for these visits are made before noon the previous day to allow planning of the vets’ route. You will receive a phone call the afternoon before the visit confirming a half hour time slot within which the vet will be with you.

View a larger version of the zone map

Mobile Diagnostic Visits

We have a full range of mobile diagnostic equipment allowing digital radiography, ultrasonography, video endoscopy and gastroscopy to be performed at your yard. These visits are suitable for initial investigative procedures and imaging. In addition, they are extremely useful when transportation of the patient is not possible. Further, if you are unable to make use of your free zone visit day, these visits can be booked for routine work. A subsidised fixed charge of £25 inc VAT is applied to contribute to the mileage covered on these visits.We ask that bookings for these visits are made before noon the previous day to allow planning of the vets’ route.You will receive a phone call the afternoon before the visit confirming a half hour time slot within which the vet will be with you.

Dental Clinics

These can be arranged on any week day to allow multiple horses to receive dental treatment at a reduced price with no visit fee. A minimum of six horses are required to make up a clinic. The costs of routine oral examination, rasping, wolf tooth removal and sedation (if required) are discounted.


The team do a large number of pre purchase examinations and are very experienced in helping you make an informed decision when trying to purchase your new horse. We offer both 2 stage and 5 stage vettings depending on your requirements. For information on what the different stages entail, for enquiries on pricing or to book an appointment, please contact the clinic on 01788 523000.

Lameness Investigations

Initial opinions regarding lameness can be given on a zone visit but investigations require a mobile diagnostic visit, normal visit or a trip to the clinic. Detailed investigations taking several hours are best performed at the clinic. Communication with a vet at the time of making the appointment will help assess your requirement.

Stud Services

We provide a comprehensive stud service including fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination. Our AI services are BEVA approved. Embryo transfer and semen collection for analysis and shipping is performed at our Towcester clinic where we have new indoor semen collection facilities. If you have any queries at all please feel free to telephone the clinic.

Standing Surgeries

These can be performed at our Onley or Towcester Clinic. Several surgical procedures can be performed in the standing patient. For example some laser sarcoid removal, eye removal, kissing spine surgery, geldings, castration of rigs, ovary removal.

Surgical Facilities

Full surgical facilities and hospitalisation at our Towcester clinic which has a large, modern and fully equipped operating theatre. The facilities include two large padded induction/recovery boxes and a large purpose designed theatre. More information below.

Respiratory Endscopy and Gastroscopy

Our equine clinic has a 2.4 metre respiratory video endoscope and a 3.5 metre gastroscope.Endoscopy can be performed at the clinic, where we can utilise our stocks, or at your yard.
If a yard visit is preferred you may wish to take advantage of our mobile diagnostic zone visit with its reduced visit fee.Endoscopy is primarily used to evaluate the respiratory tract and stomach. It is particularly useful in assessing horses with respiratory problems, recurrent colic, poor performance and suspected gastric ulceration.

Mobile Radiography

We have a radiography room at the clinic but our equipment if fully portable so can x-ray your horse at your own yard. You are able to take advantage of this service by booking our mobile diagnostic zone visit with its reduced visit fee structure.
X-rays are immediately processed digitally and can be viewed horse side in high definition making even subtle lesions easily identifiable. We can also enlarge images so our equine vets can examine areas of interest more closely. Radiographs can be emailed to recognised equine specialists quickly and efficiently if an expert opinion is required. We can also email radiographs to your farrier to aid him in the most appropriate foot trimming and shoeing for your horse or pony. Our portable digital system is perfect for taking radiographs during pre purchase examinations (vettings), often a requirement for the insurance of horses/ponies over a certain purchase price.

Mobile Ultrasound

All our ultrasound scanners are mobile so our vets can use them at our clinic or at your own yard. Our battery operated ultrasound scanner provides an high quality image even in field conditions. You are able to take advantage of this service by booking our mobile diagnostic zone visit with its reduced visit fee structure.
Ultrasonography allows us to view soft tissue structures. It helps us see areas including:
tendon, ligament and bone surfaces in orthopaedic cases
abdominal organs in horses with colic, weight loss and diarrhoea
the chest in horses with respiratory problems
the liver when liver damage has been picked up on a blood sample or if a liver biopsy is recommended
the bladder in cases with urinary dysfunction
the eye in ocular cases
and, of course, the uterus in pregnancy diagnosis.

Towcester Equine Clinic

Elective orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery is carried out by our referral specialist surgeon Cedric Chan and Alice Sheldon at Towcester Equine Clinic. A wide range of surgical procedures, including orthopaedic, soft tissue, castration and some emergency procedures are carried out at the clinic. Colic surgery cases are generally referred to Newmarket Equine Hospital.

Our Towcester Clinic is located just south of Towcester Racecourse at Plum Park Farm, Paulerspury. Sitting within a hundred acres of farm and equestrian land the clinic comprises an operating theatre, three examination areas, inpatient stabling, isolation facilities, laboratory, an outdoor school and a hard lunging circle. Safety for general anaesthesia patients is maximised by padded induction boxes and a rope-assisted recovery system. Stocks are available for safe restraint during standing procedures. A separate reproduction complex houses two additional pairs of stocks with secure gating for mares with foals at foot. A further purpose built facility with teasing box allows indoor semen collection.

Amazing vets, willing to take the extra time to explain things fully to make sure both horse and owner are ok


Spacious Examination Room

Secure Stocks

Radiography Room

Stabling for Patients

Trot up, soft and hard lungeing areas

Veterinary Shop

They always go the extra mile. Would not be without them nor ever consider going anywhere else…

Our Team

We endeavour to provide you with the highest quality service from experienced, knowledgable and caring vets who work with an evidence based approach. We can draw on the expertise of both our Onley and Towcester veterinary teams, to ensure you have the right person, with the correct skills and knowledge for your horse’s more specialist issues.

Mike Sheldon - Partner

Mike Sheldon Partner

    Mike has worked for Towcester Veterinary Centre since qualifying in 2003 from Edinburgh. He became a partner in 2011. Mike has a particular interest in equine medicine, dentistry and equine anaesthesia. He was responsible for the introduction of the Centre’s gastroscopy services. Mike is an active member of the wider equine community and regularly competes and hunts his own horses. He owns three horses with wife Alice and also enjoys tennis, snowboarding and going point to pointing. He has a two young daughters Matilda and Beatrix.

    Alice Sheldon - Veterinary Surgeon

    Alice Sheldon Veterinary Surgeon

      Alice qualified Edinburgh in 2003 and has worked in equine practice ever since. She worked in large practices in Yorkshire and Oakham before joining Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2008. Alice completed a certificate in Equine Practice in 2007 and has now attained a certificate in Equine Orthopaedic Surgery. Alice has a keen interest in lameness diagnosis and treatment and is working along side the recognised specialist in equine surgery, Cedric Chan, to further develop the surgical services available at Towcester Veterinary Centre. Horses form the basis of life outside work too. She owns three horses with her husband, Mike, and a Shetland for her daughters Matilda and Beatrix. Alice enjoys team chasing, hunting and family dog walks.

      Becky Price - Veterinary Surgeon

      Becky Price Veterinary Surgeon

        Becky joined the team in July 2016, after graduating from Bristol University. Being interested in all areas of equine practice, Becky felt that the internship position with us was a fantastic opportunity to explore and further develop her skill set. She will spend her time predominantly in the clinic, working alongside our experienced clinicians and playing a key role in our inpatient care. Whilst at University, Becky completed an externship at Rossdales, where she gained experience in a variety of areas including hospital, diagnostics and stud work. In her spare time, Becky enjoys spending time with family and friends, horse riding and travelling (whenever she gets the chance!).

        Ashley Schofield - Veterinary Surgeon

        Ashley Schofield Veterinary Surgeon

          Based mainly at our Onley practice, Ashley studied at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia. He enjoys equine dentistry and lameness so often works alongside Mike and our orthopaedic vets on a variety of cases. He enjoys riding his horse Fawn and his dog Foxy can always be found with him whilst out on the road!

          Jane Kang - Trainee Equine Veterinary Technician

          Jane Kang Trainee Equine Veterinary Technician

            Jane’s route to joining the team at Onley Equine Vets is unusual. Initially she trained as a nurse and fascinated with medical technology, later became an electronics design engineer. This step took her into customer service consultancy, however in April, she joined Towcester Equine Vets to fulfil a long-held ambition to combine her passion for horses with her love of nursing. In 2015 you will meet Jane at Onley Equine Vets both in the clinic and out with vets. Her experience with horses is rooted in the racing and hunting world, however now Jane and her husband own 4 polo ponies and have been members of Rugby Polo Club based at Onley since it started 15 years ago. Away from horses, Jane holds a pilot’s licence, shoots and loves working her gun dogs.

            Cheryl Oliver - Admin Team

            Cheryl Oliver Admin Team

              Cheryl Joined the practice at the beginning of July 2014 and as a member of the reception and administration team has taken on the task of streamlining our insurance protocol. Cheryl completed her equine studies at Warwickshire College and has worked in the equine industry for 10 years. In her spare time Cheryl enjoys helping out event grooming, walking her two dogs and skiing.

              Chloe Wilson - Admin Team

              Chloe Wilson Admin Team

                Chloe started her apprenticeship at Towcester Equine Vets in July 2014. She enjoys a very rural lifestyle and has lived on the family farm her whole life. Her main role at the clinic will involve learning all aspects of the administration duties and assisting clients with bookings and queries. Chloe also helps the team with the insurance tasks. She has a horse named Billy who she enjoys hacking around her local area in her spare time. Chloe is looking forward to gaining her Customer Care qualification at TVC.

                Sarah Jacklin - Admin Team

                Sarah Jacklin Admin Team

                  Sarah joined us in August 2015, and will be based primarily at our Onley practice in Rugby, Warwickshire. She has many years experience working in Veterinary practices and we are delighted to welcome her to the team!

                  Sarah has been a keen rider since the age of five and owns two horses; Pod, who is retired, and Foggy, whom she successfully competes at Medium level British Dressage. Alongside her horses, Sarah spends her time outside of work running after her football mad son, as well looking after her rescued Beagel, Buddy, and cats Ginger and Fatty.

                  Visit our equine team page For the full list of Equine staff at our Towcester Equine Clinic.

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