Onley Grounds Open Day 2016!

11th July 2016 Uncategorised 0

Onley Grounds Farm is having an open day on Sunday 17th July, 11am to 4pm, and there will be a huge variety of activities and demonstrations throughout the day. Onley Equine Vets will be holding 3 demonstrations throughout the day:

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Equine Eyelid Injury

22nd February 2016 Uncategorised 0

Eyelid injuries are a common occurrence in horses, and often arise without any obvious circumstance. 75% of the natural blink is performed by the upper eyelid. Wounds left to heal naturally result in distortion to the eyelid margin and often

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Solar Penetration by a Nail.

21st January 2016 Uncategorised 0

This horse was suddenly severely lame after being exercised in the school. Examination of the foot by the owner revealed a nail penetrating the frog and the vet was immediately called. Although the temptation is to pull the nail out

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Onley Open Day 19th July

10th July 2015 Uncategorised 0

Come and join us at the Onley Grounds open day. Fun for all the family and Equine Enthusiasts. Our vets at Onley Equine Vets will be giving Veterinary demonstrations throughout the day, ask the expert sessions, give-aways as well as

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